Use slot machine probability to receive bonus.

Use slot machine probability to receive bonus.

When you play online Slots at Casinos that are certified by international authorities and get audited by third-party independent companies, you can hit the Slot machines safe in the safe in the knowledge that the odds of hitting winning combinations are in the hand of a certified and fair Random Number Generator (RNG).

The Random Number Generator

Each time the lever is pulled, a button is pushed, and the reels are set in motion, a random combination of symbols is selected by the game. That’s how Slots work.

The random selection feature ensures that every spin is independent. Thus the results of the previous spins do not affect the next ones in any way.

Observations from actual play

As we studied the PAR Sheets, we often visited a casino to play, and to watch others play, the 4 games to (a) take a look at several structural characteristics, focusing on the bonus mode, to make certain that our understanding of the PAR Sheets mirrored the way that slot machines actually behave; and (b) study several structural traits that are not contained in the PAR Sheets, consisting of speed of play, end buttons, and “hand-pays.” In this section, we provide important points on the structural characteristics that we observed.

Speed of play

We estimated the speed of play by using the second hand on a watch. On the two traditional mechanical reel slot machine games, the player can play approximately every 6 s, which is approximately 10 spins per minute, or 600 spins per hour. On the two video slots games, the player can play approximately every 3 s, which is 1,200 spins per hour.

Stop buttons

Both Money Storm and Lobstermania grant two methods to velocity up the game by using approximately 50% (i.e., about 1.5 s per spin). One method is for the participant to press “spin” to begin play, and then press spin once more as the reels begin to spin, which reasons the reels to stop quickly. The 2nd method is for the participant to touch one or extra of the reels as they are spinning, which causes the touched reel(s) to cease quickly.


At the casino we frequently visited, the games are configured so that when the outcome of a spin is a win greater than a certain amount (the amount is $125.00 for Lobstermania), the following occurs:

  1. the screen freezes and thus the player cannot play the machine
  2. the light on the top of the machine lights up
  3. the machine makes a sound of a bell ringing
  4. an attendant comes by and adjusts the machine to silence the bell
  5. the attendant leaves
  6. the attendant returns with cash and pays the player the winning amount in cash
  7. the attendant makes further adjustments to the machine so that normal play can be resumed
TOTAL Payout percentage: 99.77 percent

If everything was paid equally at one coin, it would go down to just over 42 percent. For more complex reel machines (more reels and multiple lines), the use of an Excel spreadsheet or a computer program will help in calculating the payoff as the number of calculations will grow with complexity.

The House Edge

If you are planning to play on Slot machines with the odds of winning set at 95 percent, you will be led to thinking that you can win 95 percent of the times you play at the machine.

However, the fact is that five percent of every dollar you bet will go to the house. For Slots, the house edge is higher than for any other Casino game.

How to Determine the House Edge of a Slot Machine

It is regularly impossible to decide the exact residence edge of any given reel machine. Instead, gamers depend on the data that is provided publicly, such as regulated pay off ranges.

In some states, the country wide Gaming Boards state that most Slots need to have a 73 percentage return to the player. Generally, small Slot machines are closer to this threshold than the large Slot machines. For this reason, it is advisable to pass by the penny Slots and nickel Slots if your bankroll allows it.

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