War Of Dragons

War Of Dragons

JILIBET has a variety of games, various styles, and various play methods to meet the needs of all players. This game has very good music effects on sound effects. There are 5 dragons with good luck in the game. They are red dragon, blue dragon, yellow dragon, black dragon and white dragon. Believe in the power of your favorite mythical creature and win Get generous rewards.

SCATTER:The game has a Chinese silver coin as the SCATTER symbol. When 3 SCATTER symbols or more SCATTER symbols appear on the left-to-right turning axis, the special Feature Game Free will start.
WILD:The WILD symbol in the game, it can replace any symbol in the game (except SCATTER). Helps to get bonuses easier than before. The Dragon War slot has 5 dragons of different colors, which you can choose before starting the free game, and different multipliers will be randomly given in the free game.

White Dragon will get 25 free games and 2 3 or 5 times multipliers

Red Dragon will get 20 free games and get 3, 5 or 8 times multipliers

Black Dragon will get 15 free games and get 5 , 8 or 10 multipliers

Blue Dragon will get 13 free games and get 8, 10 or 15 multipliers

Golden Dragon will get 10 free games and get 10, 15 or 30 times multiplier
Special symbols:In addition to SCATTER and WILD, there are 11 symbols related to Chinese culture. They appear on the scroll. The Phoenix symbol offers 50-1000 times odds, and the Lucky Lion symbol offers 35-800 times odds.