Charge Buffalo

There are many animals in this grassland, such as deer, wolves, bears, eagles and bison. There are 4096 ways to win. This game requires enough patience. If you can get red-eyed bulls or eagles and brown bears, this Is the best symbol.

SCATTER:The gold coin with the shape of a golden bull is the SCATTER symbol. After receiving 3 SCATTERs from the first reel, you can enter the free game. In the free game, if you connect with the WILD symbol, you can get more free spins.
WILD:There will be a pattern of the word WILD in the symbol, just like the South American mountains, it can replace any symbol in the game (except SCATTER). This symbol has a chance to win Mega Win, Super Win and Super Mega Win.
Special symbols:In addition to SCATTER and WILD, there are 11 symbols related to grassland in South America. When the ferocious brown cow symbol appears on the reels, this is the highest odds symbol in the game.



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