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On JILIBET, our goal is to make your betting with us as simple, convenient and reliable as possible, so we have set up some great features on this website, which will make you the first place in our place. One bet to get the best experience. When playing the game, you will place bets based on the final results of specific lottery, bingo, and lottery types. You can simply place a bet online or directly enter the betting window. Our modern system has increased the desire of most people to buy lottery tickets online.

Play mobile lottery at jilibet

JILIBET is the best place to search, view, and sort lottery results for foreign lottery sites available in the Philippines. Get started today by downloading the app on App Store or Google Play. Browse all available lottery results, check draw schedules for any live lotteries you're interested in, compare winning odds side-by-side, view real-time winning statistics for all games you've selected. It's a mobile-friendly app, you can play your favorite Philippine lotto games in just a few minutes from your smartphone or tablet.

Popular lottery types in the Philippines

The platform is fast, focuses on important things, and is fun to use! In the Philippines, lottery games are very popular because they can win large jackpots. In fact, some jackpots roll over several months at a time. Just touch the screen of your phone or tablet, and you can now play the best and most popular lotto games in the Philippines: 6/42 Lotto, Super Lotto 6/55, Grand Lotto 6/58, Ultra Lotto 6/ 66. Check out our available games, updated jackpots and current draws!

  • EZ2 Lotto

    You must choose 6 numbers from 01~49 to place a bet. When the lottery is drawn, the lottery unit will randomly draw six numbers plus a special number. This set of numbers is the winning number of the lottery, also known as the "prize number". Among your six selections, if there are more than three (including three numbers) matching the six numbers drawn in the current period (special numbers are only applicable to the second prize, the fourth prize, the land prize and the seventh prize), it is a winning. And can redeem bonuses in accordance with regulations.

  • 6/42 Lotto

    Did you comprehend that this is the oldest lottery game below PCSO? Here is another little knowledge-this lottery furnished the most jackpots (winners) in 2017! To play, you need to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 42 numbers, subsequently the name. For a single ticket, you need to pay Php 20.00. You can pick to play all six panels on one ticket.

  • Ultra Lotto

    Let the ball decide your destiny! Buy 1 or 20 lottery tickets-jilibet can help you. Choose the numbers you like or think of, mark them as favorites or set up a quick drawing. When it happens, if your lottery ticket matches the winning number, you can win. The online lotto number generator ensures that you can control everything even if something goes wrong.

Our online live casino also provides other interesting live games, such as lucky wheel, blackjack party, 3 poker cards, craps, etc. Every day after get off work, during weekends and holidays, you don’t need to worry about where you are. Don’t worry about disturbing others. As long as you feel comfortable and prepare your extra funds, don’t let entering the casino and playing games affect your daily life and your wealth. We cooperate with the social responsibility line to make playing online casinos become One of the joys in your life.

Players need to be of legal age to be able to buy Philippine lottery

Choose from a variety of Lotto and casino operators that we can highly recommend. As a matter of fact, our service is also registered and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the GBGA. We take care of all your concerns and protect your privacy while playing online and on mobile. After all, who knows—you could be next big winner of Philippine Lotto 6/49!