Crazy 777

Crazy 777

The symbols of seven are lucky, but they can also be a bit crazy. In the continuous rotation, create high bonuses, and the special reel on the right provides people with good rewards. JILI classic SLOT has always provided good games to players in the past, breaking through the previous game modes, and bringing to People have a more special gaming experience in traditional games. You don’t need to download every favorite game to play JILI SLOT on our website directly through iOS & Android.

Reel:3X3+1 special axis .
Respin:The re-spin will be random, allowing you to spin freely 1-5 times. First, you will get the winning line and re-spin at the end of the 4th axis, and re-activate the game every time you spin. The reward will always depend on the random After generating and obtaining, re-rotate again.
Special symbols:This game has many Special symbols.

Symbol 777: This is the hardest and most expensive symbol in the game. The bonus is equal to the money each bet multiplied by the investment in playing X 333.

2x, 5x and 10x symbols: When you win prizes and get various multipliers in the game, the maximum multiplier is 10.

S+ and SS+ symbols: This allows us to get more bonuses, as well as
special rewards.